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We pride ourselves to provide the best quality service to interior designers, architects, commercial and residential needs.

Residential Upholstery
- Interior Furniture: all Upholstery Needs
  - Sofas- Custom made and reupholster
  - Chairs- Custom made and reupholster
  - Ottomans- Custom made and reupholster
  - Headboards- Custom made and reupholster
  - Window treatments- Curtains, cornices, swags and more
  - Upholstered Walls-
  - Furniture repair-
  * Custom Slip-covers
  - Outdoor  Patio Furniture: Sofas, Chairs and ottomans 
  - RV Interior Upholstery

Commercial Services
- Hotels and Resorts: All interior and Exterior upholstery needs.
- Medical Offices / Hospitals: Exam tables, recliners and chairs
- Business Offices: All upholstery needs
- Restaurants: Custom made Booths & Chairs, Reupholstering services
- Boats / Marine: Interior and Exterior upholstery
- Upholstered Walls

Designed By Jorge Upholstery

 Why You can Trust Us?
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At Designed By Jorge Custom upholstery in Mesa Az we do more than just re-upholster worn out sofas and chairs, we double the life of your investment. DBJ custom upholstery gives consumers the following tips on why the should consider re-upholstering See Below.

Prices are based on cost of fabric and labor.
For more information, contact Jorge Izelo at (602) 318-5684.


 Fabric Upholstery

At Designed by Jorge Custom Upholstery we carry the finest indoor and outdoor upholstery fabrics available in the industry so you can rest assure your furniture is made of the highest quality.

Our large selection of fabrics patterns and designs make your choices endless.
Contact us at (602) 318-5684 to estimate the fabric yardage for your project.
You can order additional fabric if you are looking to complement your new look with decorative pillows, window treatments, etc.

Upholstery Repairs

Furniture Repair

If your furniture just need a partial repair we can help you with that.

- We can replace the the worn out foam of the cushions for new.
-Missing buttons.
-replace cushion enclosures with new zippers
-New wooden legs.
-broken springs
-broken frames.
-water damage

GuarantyWhen you should consider re-upholstering

1. Your furniture is in good condition and is or it was comfortable but need a more updated look.
2. You can custom design your furniture and choose the pattern and color fabric to complement your home or office.
3. Designed by Jorge custom upholstery uses only finest fabrics available in the industry so you can rest assure your  furniture is made of the highest quuality.
4. There hundreds of fabrics patterns and designs to choose from making the possibilities endless.
5. The average life of upholstered furniture can last 15 years or more compared to some expensive store-bought furniture that last an average of five years.
6. Designed by Jorge upholstery offers a free one-year warranty on the fabric Purchase through Designed by Jorge and the
craftsmanship of furniture at no additional cost

Designed By Jorge Upholstery
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